Dow U-428 Automotive Glass Urethane (Case)

Dow - Dupont

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You save $30.04
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  • Primer less to glass
  • Fast curing
  • One-component and conventional-cure adhesives
  • 10.1 ounce 
  • 10-Pack Case *Due to Tip shortage most cases will come with 6-8 tips*


U-428 Plus adhesives are one-component, conventional-cure adhesives. They eliminate steps and speed installations by incorporating glass primer into the urethane. They are primer-less to glass and require primer for the sheet metal wall of the van.

Conventional-cure adhesives like U-428 Plus are adhesively on temperature, humidity, and time to cure. The water in the air causes a chemical reaction in the adhesive. The adhesive bead cures from the outside to the center as the moisture diffuses into the adhesive. The curing bonds the adhesive to the substrates and the existing bead of urethane adhesive.

Applications Structurally bonded or direct glazed automotive glass, van windows, quarter glass, and other stationary glass Other uses, such as attaching hardware to glass and backfilling to install reveal moldings or other trim

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