VWD Overlander Series Awning Van Bunk Window ( OVR-AW4015 )

Van Windows Direct

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You save $100.04
You save $100.04
  • VWD Premium Insurance ( Bunk Window )
  • Van Windows Direct Mounting Bracket Van Wall and Screen Adapter (OVR-AW4015) BRKOVRAW4015 Van Windows Direct


  • Universal Fit
  • Color = Solar Privacy Glass
  • UV Rating = 17%
  • Installation Type = Clamp Ring
  • Mfg Country = China
  • Mfg Warranty = 1 Year
  • Measurements
  • Bunk Window Outer Dimensions: 41" X 16"
  • Bunk Window Cut-Out Dimensions: 40" X 15"
  • Vent Opening Size 37-5/8" x 12-3/8"
  • Clamp Ring Wall Depth: 3/4" x 1-1/8"
  • Foam Seal Included


VWD Overlander Series Half-Slider Van Bunk Window

The VWD (AW4015) Overlander Awning Bunk Window can be installed on any Van and are a popular option for Camper Vans.

Are you curious about what sets 2-Stage Opening Awning Bunk Windows apart from other camper van windows? Let's dive in and explore the features and benefits of these unique windows. 2-Stage Opening Awning Bunk Windows are a type of window specifically designed for camper vans and conversions. They are named "awning bunk windows" because they are typically installed on the upper portion of the camper van, creating a bunk or sleeping area. These windows are designed to provide both ventilation and privacy, making them a popular choice for those living the van life.

What sets these windows apart is their two-stage opening feature. This means that the window can be opened in two different positions, allowing for customized airflow and privacy. In the first stage, the window can be partially opened to let in a gentle breeze and maintain privacy, also helps to avoid sliding doors (always check measurements to insure avoidance) . In the second stage, the window can be fully opened to nearly 90 degrees, allowing for maximum ventilation and an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

These 2-Stage Opening Awning Bunk Windows are particularly beneficial for those who enjoy camping in warmer climates or simply prefer a well-ventilated living space. They provide a refreshing cross breeze, allowing for natural cooling inside the van without the need for energy-consuming fans or air conditioning.

The Interior features a fully framed bug screen and pleated shade combination to complete the look of your interior and providing you the ability to have a fully opened window for that open air experience, bug screen to keep out the insects or a pleated shade for additional privacy.

Van Awning Bunk Window - Camper Van Awning Window - 40in x 15in


Extra Information

Van Windows Direct
Window Outer Dimensions:
41-5/16" X 16-5/16"
Window Position:
Driver Side
Window Position:
Passenger Side

Warranty Information

1-Year Warranty

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