VWD Overlander Series Half-Slider Van Bunk Windows ( OVR4015 )

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You save $100.04
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  • Universal Fit
  • Color = Solar Privacy Glass 
  • UV Rating = 17% 
  • Installation Type = Clamp Ring
  • Mfg Country = China
  • Mfg Warranty = 1 Year
  • Measurements 
  • Bunk Window Outer Dimensions:   41-5/16" X 16-5/16"
  • Bunk Window Cut-Out Dimensions: 40" X 15"
  • Vent Opening Size 17-13/16" x 11-7/8"
  • Clamp Ring Wall Depth: 1/8"


VWD Overlander Series Half-Slider Van Bunk Window
Upgrade your camper van with the VWD Overlander Series Half-Slider Van Bunk Window (OVR4015). Designed to fit universally, this window is the perfect addition to your camper van's bunk area. It features a sleek black aluminum frame and solar privacy glass, providing both style and functionality. With a UV rating of 17%, it effectively blocks harmful rays while still allowing natural light in. The half-slider design allows for easy ventilation, and the bug screen ensures you stay bug-free while enjoying the fresh air.

Installation is a breeze with the clamp ring system, and the window can be installed on either side of your van for added convenience. The top and bottom drainage system ensures that water flows out easily, preventing any leaks or water damage. Additionally, the window comes with plugs to cover the top holes, giving you the flexibility to configure it according to your needs. With a 1-year manufacturer warranty, you can trust the durability and quality of this bunk window.

Measuring 41-5/16" x 16-5/16" on the outer dimensions, and with a vent opening size of 17-13/16" x 11-7/8", this bunk window provides ample airflow and light. The 40" x 15" cut-out dimensions make it easy to install in your van's bunk area. Whether you're embarking on a cross-country road trip or simply enjoying a weekend adventure, the VWD Overlander Series Half-Slider Van Bunk Window is the perfect solution to enhance your camper van experience.

Van Bunk Window - Camper Van Window - 40in x 15in



Extra Information

Van Windows Direct
Window Outer Dimensions:
41-5/16" X 16-5/16"
Window Position:
Driver Side
Window Position:
Passenger Side

Warranty Information

1-Year Warranty

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