VWD Sliding Van Window (T068640)

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You save $130.04
You save $130.04
  • SIKA VWD Urethane Window Installation VWD-INST1 Van Windows Direct
  • Trim-Lok Edge Molding ProMaster Passenger Side Rear Quarter 159
  • Van Window Securing Tape
  • VWD Professional 26:1 Caulk Gun


  • Direct-Fit   (High Roof / Low Roof Models) 
  • Driver Side Forward
  • Color = Solar Privacy Glass 
  • UV Rating = 15% 
  • Installation Type = Urethane Bonded 
  • Mfg Country =  Turkey
  • Mfg Warranty = 1 Year
  • Measurements 
  • Overall : 1087mm x 635mm (42.80" x 25")
  • Non-Screened Slider Opening: (14-1/8" W x 16-5/8" H)
  • Does not use factory rubber boot for install

Upgrade your van with the VWD Sliding Van Window (T068640). This direct-fit window is designed to perfectly fit high-roof or low-roof models of your Sprinter van. The driver-side forward placement makes it convenient to access and enjoy the benefits of a sliding window.

Featuring solar privacy glass with a 15% UV rating, this window offers both style and functionality. The pure grey solar privacy glass provides a sleek and modern look, while still maintaining excellent thermal performance. Enjoy the natural light and improved ventilation that this sliding window provides.

In addition to its stylish design, this VWD sliding window also prioritizes security. The heavy-duty clip latch not only ensures a secure closure but also doubles as the handle for the sliding panel. With a one-year manufacturer warranty and easy installation using urethane bonding, this window is a reliable and long-lasting choice for your Sprinter van.



These sliding windows are designed with top-grade components and have been produced to present an elegant, sleek appearance for your van. We utilize a minimalistic approach to the design process, avoiding large bulky handles, un-sightly hardware, or excessive framing.

GLASS - VWD Branded windows utilize Pure Grey Solar Privacy Glass, while Solar Privacy Glass is the standard for Van Rear Windows. The color or tint level of the glass will be on par with the 3rd party brands we carry and OEM windows. The difference comes with the modern pure grey technology of the glass. Pure Grey Solar Privacy glass offers a more realistic vision from the van's interior, giving a more elegant, stylish, and fresh look to the glass over your standard green base solar privacy glass. With a better look through the glass, you still get excellent thermal performance with a 15% UV filter rating.

SLIDER - The sliding portion of the VWD window has been oriented to provide the best ventilation value to the van. Most feature openings on the front side, while a few will have an opening on the rear portion of the window. Our sliders have been manufactured with a tight seal for excellent weather resistance, even in storm conditions. (If the window you receive is too tight, working the window open and closed or adding a silicone spray can alleviate the tightness quickly.) The sliding panel has a low-profile aluminum trim handle on the backside of the glass for opening and closing while maintaining a sleek design for improved aesthetics and easy operation.

SECURITY – Van windows may not be a would-be thieves' go-to entry point for a Van. The security of the window cannot be overlooked. Heavy Duty Clip Latch that doubles as the slider handle center set in the sliding glass panel. 

Sprinter T1N Van Windows Driver Side Forward Slider T1N Sprinter Van Window

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Driver Side Forward

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