VWD Premium Awning Van Window ( T905443L )

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You save $240.04
You save $240.04
  • SIKA VWD Urethane Window Installation VWD-INST1 Van Windows Direct
  • Trim-Lok Edge Molding Sprinter Driver Side Rear Quarter 170
  • Van Window Securing Tape
  • VWD Professional 26:1 Caulk Gun
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  • Direct-Fit (High Roof / Low Roof Models)
  • Driver Side Rear Quarter (170")
  • Color = Solar Privacy Glass
  • UV Rating = 15%
  • Installation Type = Urethane Bonded
  • Mfg Country = Turkey
  • Mfg Warranty = 1 Year
  • Measurements
  • Overall :1290mm x 768mm (50.79" x 30.24")
  • Awning Opening 736mm x 432mm ( 29" x 17")


Premium Awning Window Driver Side Rear Quarter Sprinter Van 170in


Enhance the comfort and functionality of your van with the VWD Premium Awning Van Window (T905443L). Designed as a direct-fit window for high and low roof models, this window boasts a driver-side forward placement for easy access. With its solar privacy glass construction, it offers a UV rating of 15%, providing optimal privacy and protection from harmful rays.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional van windows. The VWD Premium Awning Van Window features a large tilt-out piston-driven awning glass measuring 38.5" x 18.5". This innovative design allows for ample airflow and ventilation, ensuring a refreshing and airy interior. No more small tilt-outs or compromises!

Experience the convenience of a fully framed retractable bug screen and pleated shade system. The bug screen keeps pesky insects out while enjoying the outdoors, while the pleated shade offers better thermals and UV reduction thanks to its internal UV ply. With the window's encased frame, interior wall installation is a breeze.When screen and shade are not attached some noise from screen can be experienced.

Crafted with durability and quality in mind, the VWD Premium Awning Van Window is manufactured in Turkey and comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Enjoy the benefits of this direct-fit window that measures 1402mm x 777mm overall, along with slider openings of 978mm x 470mm. Upgrade your van and transform it into a comfortable living space with this superior window option.

Extra Information

Van Windows Direct
Window Position:
Driver Side Rear Quarter

Warranty Information

1-Year Warranty

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