CRL FW632RS Universal Awning Van Window


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You save $140.04
You save $140.04
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  • Universal Fit (YMM Search does not apply fits any model of van check measurements)
  • Color = Solar Privacy Glass 
  • UV Rating = 28% 
  • Installation Type = Clamp Ring
  • Mfg Country = USA
  • Mfg Warranty = 30-Days
  • Outside Frame Dimensions: 41-1/4" X 25-3/4" (1048 x 654 mm)
  • Cut-Out Dimensions: 40" X 24-1/2" (1016 x 622 mm)
  • Clamp Ring Size: 1/8"
  • The awning Window can open as much as Approx 7."
    Screen Opening 37-1/2 x 6-1/2"


The newest thing in van windows is CRL's "All Glass Look" selection for Full-Size Vans. The CRL Awning style window has become a go-to window for Camper Van Conversions. Whether you're converting a Sprinter, ProMaster, Transit, or other Van, this FW632RS Awning Window is an excellent option with its modern styling, convenient size, and large awning that tilts out for incredible ventilation. The Crank window has a lower glass panel that tilts like an awning for ample ventilation—Popular on Conversion and as a Camper Van Window. *Universal Windows has a more complex installation.


Should you purchase a Universal Window?

Suppose you have a Sprinter, ProMaster, or Transit. Direct-Fit Windows is the superior option to a universal window. Universal windows do not consider body stampings, curvature, or inner structure.  Universal Windows can install on anything and fit nothing. The best practice is to install universal windows within the single sheet metal section of the van wall. Issues that can arise curvature differences can cause walls to buckle or improper seal. Tips to alleviate problems attaching the Window trim ring incredibly slowly, a few threads at a time, ensuring that the body and Window smoothly come together, not forced together. Removing the original closed-cell foam for a larger open-cell foam can also help with curvature difference. To dissipate pressure, use thin lauan or other plywood as a backer plate on the inner wall. Universal windows are installed at your own risk.



CRL FW632RS  Universal Awning Van Window - BOTTOM TILT-OUT VAN WINDOW


Extra Information

Window Outer Dimensions:
41-1/4" x 25-3/4"
Window Position:
Driver Side
Window Position:
Passenger Side

Warranty Information

30-Day Warranty

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