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You save $150.04
You save $150.04
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  • Trim-Lok Edge Molding Transit Passenger Sliding Door
  • Van Window Securing Tape
  • VWD Professional 26:1 Caulk Gun
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  • Direct-Fit (High Roof / Medium Roof Models) (Recommended to cut the top corner of window cut-hole short when using trim molding)
  • Passenger Sliding Door
  • Color = Solar Privacy Glass 
  • UV Rating = 15% 
  • Installation Type = Urethane Bonded 
  • Mfg Country = Turkey 
  • Mfg Warranty = 1 Year
  • Slider Opening:  406mm x 505mm (16" x 19-7/8")
  • Overall : 1384mm x 738mm (54.49" x 29.06")


VWD Ford Transit Van Half-Slider Window (DTT18013-INT) Passenger Sliding Door Transit Van

Upgrade your Ford Transit van with the VWD Sliding Van Window (DTT18013-INT). Designed to fit high-roof and medium-roof models, this direct-fit window offers a sleek and elegant appearance while providing excellent ventilation. The window features a passenger sliding door for convenient access.

Constructed with top-grade components, this VWD window is built to last. The glass is made from pure grey solar privacy glass, offering a modern and stylish look with a 15% UV filter rating. Enjoy a realistic vision from the interior of your van while protecting yourself from harmful UV rays.

The sliding portion of the VWD window is strategically designed to maximize ventilation. It is equipped with a tight seal for exceptional weather resistance, ensuring your van stays comfortable even in stormy conditions. The low-profile aluminum trim handle on the backside of the glass allows for easy operation without compromising the window's sleek design.

Say goodbye to noisy screens with the VWD Sliding Window. The internal screen slides open and close independently from the glass slider, providing a quick transition between screened and un-screened openings. The black acrylic frame adds durability, while the aluminum screen mesh offers higher resistance to tears and fraying.

Your van's security is important, and the VWD Sliding Window is designed with that in mind. The latch on this window is specially designed to go all the way down to the window tracks, ensuring a secure closure. Say goodbye to vulnerabilities and enjoy peace of mind knowing your van is protected.

GLASS - VWD Branded windows utilize Pure Grey Solar Privacy Glass, while Solar Privacy Glass is the standard for Van Rear Windows. The color or tint level of the glass will be on par with the 3rd party brands we carry and OEM windows. The difference comes with the modern pure grey technology of the glass. Pure Grey Solar Privacy glass offers a more realistic vision from the van's interior, giving a more elegant, stylish, and fresh look to the glass over your standard green base solar privacy glass. With a better look through the glass, you still get excellent thermal performance with a 15% UV filter rating.

SLIDER - The sliding portion of the VWD window has been oriented to provide the best ventilation value to the van. Most feature openings on the front side, while a few will have an opening on the rear portion of the window. Our sliders have been manufactured with a tight seal for excellent weather resistance, even in storm conditions. (If the window you receive is too tight, working the window open and closed or adding a silicone spray can alleviate the tightness quickly.) The sliding panel has a low-profile aluminum trim handle on the backside of the glass for opening and closing while maintaining a sleek design for improved aesthetics and easy operation.

SCREEN - The internal screen for the VWD Sliding Window independently slides open and closed from the glass slider, quickly allowing for screened or un-screened opening in just a few seconds with a simple slide of the screen. The screen features a black acrylic frame for added durability if knocked into by gear, children, animals, etc. Staying on durability and longevity, we use aluminum screen mesh exclusively in our sliders. We find that while not impervious, the aluminum mesh offers higher resistance to fabric mesh regarding tears and fraying. Lastly, one common industry issue is noisy screens. We have addressed this issue by lining out the channel, holding the screen with rubber, and keeping the screen tight and quiet while driving.

SECURITY – Van windows may not be a would-be thieves' go-to entry point for a Van. The security of the window cannot be overlooked. While many sliders with sliding windows and screens have adopted a simplistic low-center hinge latch, we have found vulnerabilities in other types of designs during rougher driving conditions or high vibrations. This would allow for the window to be slid open from the outside, often without the knowledge of the van owner. We took the simple latch design and altered the form to allow the latch to go all the way down to the window tracks, securing the screen and glass and ensuring that there would be no false latch openings.


Ford Transit Van Sliding Window - Ford Transit Van Passenger Sliding Door Window

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Van Windows Direct
Window Position:
Passenger Side Sliding Door

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1-Year Warranty

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