Camper Windows - Camper Van Windows

Camper Windows - Camper Van Windows

Published by VWD on Jan 9th 2024

Building Out a Camper Van?  In this blog we will look at Universal Window options that are popular choices for Camper Vans. 

A lot of times when choosing a Van Window it comes down to the Awning vs Slider the Chevy vs Ford of the Van Window world. When you really get down to it a camper van can best benefit by the utilization of both. While the topic of rain and snow are often the key elements to gravitate toward an awning window. What about windy conditions or  Driving? Awnings fail miserably in those scenarios.  Configuring your camper to use both styles of windows in different positions can maximize your usability and air flow having you prepared for all scenarios. 

Overlander Series Half-Sliders 

The Overlander series half-slider makes an excellent choice and with its 4 sizing options there is one size that sure to fit your build or needs perfectly.  Cut Out Sizes are 30x9, 33x10 x 35x11 and 40x15. These sliders feature a tough black coating and robust exterior rubber so take that Van as far off the beaten path as you want this window is rugged and ready.  The screens are built in to the main frames of the windows giving a clean finish and minimizing screen noise. 

Crank-Out Awning Bunk Window

Crank-Out Camper Van Windows offer large awning glass just over 33x10 that tils out around 3" these windows will not provide as much air flow as a slider since the air flow is obstructed by the glass. However; it makes a great choice for the bedding area since it provides adequate air flow and is less pervious to water entry compared to its sliding counterpart.  An excellent combination for the bunk area are the AW3310 mated with the OVR3310

For those looking for a truly open air experience and interior upgraded design the Overlander Awnings are perfect choice. 

Overlander Awning Series Camper Van Windows

These awnings feature a 2-stage opening allowing for massive opening for a truly outdoorsy experience. For the interior you get a encased screen and shade combination to give an incredible finished look while providing protection for bugs and added privacy.  Combine these Awnings Bunk with some OEM Fit Double-Sliders in the front of your van and have incredible ventilation with open air and  combo screens and shades through out.  

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