Passenger Sliding Door T-Vent Window Ford Transit Van 15-22

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CRL FW293R Passenger Side Sliding Door T-Vent Window Ford Transit Van 2015-2022


  • 130" or 148" , 148" Extended Wheelbase
  • Medium and High Roof Van


Part # FW293R 

Mfg: CRL ( CR Laurence)

Mfg Country:  USA

Mfg Warranty: 30 Days

Glass Color = Solar Privacy Glass

Glass UV Rating = 28%


  • Awning Tilts Out Approx 2" , Exposing Screen with 17-3/4" X 6" Opening


Passenger Sliding Door   CRL FW293R Passenger Side Sliding Door T-Vent Window Ford Transit Van 2015-2018
CRL windows are configured to fit within the Transit Vans OEM stamping and provide a customized OEM look. This great feature eliminates the time consuming efforts of laying out where the window will be installed. Just line it up to cut, starting on the upper inner dimple and follow along the OEM stamping. T-Vent has a T-Handle to open the glass like a canopy to allow air flow, the Vent features a detachable screen.
Whats needed to Install?

 No additional products are required for installation.

How will I install this window?

The Ford Transit Van Window utilizes part of the  factory metal stamping, on the interior of the van you will notice an area where the inner metal ends. ***On the Transit Sliding Door Window you will want to use the trim ring as a template, the Top ,Bottom and Rear of the stamping will use stamping for the most part however the front top corner of the CRL window frame has a smaller radius then the factory stamping so you will need to draw it out to create the proper opening. 

 FW293R CRL how to install Ford Transit Van Window - 1Ford Transit Van Window from CR laurence

Install a window inTransit Van , FW293R from CRL Cr Laurence CLR


The CRL T-Vent Windows is not recommended to replace a factory installed window as the CRL window has a smaller opening then the factory window. To accomplish this install you will need to urethane seal the window as well as use the clamp ring the top front corner will be open so must be sealed. 

 To Replace a Factory window the AMAor VWD brand windows are recommended as they use the same opening as the OEM  Window. 

If you are replacing an existing factory window that glued in you may want to take to a professional for removal and replacement. Best tool to use is a wire cutter  Equalizer Window Cut-Out Set . Once the window is cut out you will need to cut the original urethane down as flat as possible and clean as much away as you can CRL Adhesive Cleaner  . 

Once the Hole has been cut out or window removed its time to install the new window. 

The CRL Window utilizes a trim ring (clamp ring) installation. Before putting the window on the van its best to go through make a small pilot hole in all the locations around the trim ring that way you do not round the heads of the screws when tightening the window. 

Put Window in place from outside of Van allowing the aluminum mounting frame to extend through hole in wall. Place clamp ring from inside most vans will have the split on the bottom. With one person holding window in place on the outside the other can start a the screws from the inside generally start with the two at the split in the trim ring to have that lined up then top and around you do not want to fully tighten once all screws are in place, you can then go back around and tighten them be sure to tighten evenly around for proper seal. 


 Lead Time:
 Windows will generally ship in 1-3 Days , shipping time is 1-5 days. Windows will ship via UPS,Fedex , or Freight Truck. 

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