AM Auto Driver Side Front Half-Slider Window Sprinter Van

Driver Side Front Half-Slider Window Sprinter Van 2007-2022 AMA (10926645012)

AM Auto Driver Side Front Half-Slider Window Sprinter Van

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AMA Driver Forward Half-Slider Window Sprinter Van 2007-2023

144" and 170" Wheel Base


Part# MS06-L1-HS P

Mfg: AMA (AM Auto)

Mfg Country: China

Mfg Warranty: 90 Days

Glass Color = Solar Privacy Glass 

Glass UV Rating = 17%

Screen-Less Slider

Driver Side Forward/Driver Side Sliding Door  Driver Side Forward Behind Driver Seat Window Sprinter Van
 AMA Standard Half-Slider Privacy 17% Solar Tint Glass Windows are manufactured from the latest and most sophisticated design processes to ensure the window is produced to the highest quality standards. The AM Auto Half slider latches closed for security and allows for the largest ventilation openings of any window we sell. Half-Sliders glass is a full opening screen-less design. The OEM style of these van glass windows is modern and fits within the factory body lines for a seamless appearance. 
What's needed to Install it?

 This window is installed with Urethane Adhesive, you will need a primer base and we recommend edge molding for the cut edge. 

VWD Urethane Installation Kit 

Trim Lock Edge Molding (Approx 12ft)

Window Securing Tape


How will I install this window?

 The Sprinter Van Window utilizes factory metal stamping, on the interior of the van you will notice an area where the inner metal ends. Here is a photo to clarify. You will cut right along that edge all the way around. Your van may have multiple uprights you will cut those out straight with your opening.



When replacing an existing factory window, you may want to contact us or provide photos inside and out. Not all replacements will be straightforward and can require extra commendation and custom adaptation to use an existing factory or add-on item(s). Van Windows Direct and the manufacturers we distribute take no responsibility for additional work or an installer's inability to complete the work required. Please ask all questions and provide all information before purchase, as the buyer is 100% responsible for the installation or failure to install. 

If you are replacing an existing factory window that glued in you may want to take to a professional for removal and replacement. Best tool to use is a wire cutter  Equalizer Window Cut-Out Set . Once the window is cut out you will need to cut the original urethane down as flat as possible and clean as much away as you can CRL Adhesive Cleaner  . 

Once the Hole has been custom out or window removed its time to install the new window clean the outside metal of the van with rubbing alcohol or PWR22 Cleaner this will insure a good hold of the urethane eliminating contaminants.

Using a urethane primer apply to the outside of the body you want to be close to the opening but allow a 1/2" of gap when possible as when the urethane is applied it will spread and you do not want to urethane seeping out on either end as its very tedious to clean. Allow primer to dry for about 10 mins, now you can apply your urethane, most of the urethane will come with a v-notch or an etch for a v-notch in the tip this allows for a nice large bead of silicone make sure you evenly distribute to urethane to not have hitch or low points when changing urethane overlap the existing bead slightly to insure there will be no gaps. 

When placing the window you want to get it as close to desired location as possible one in place you will have some wiggle remove to get it lined up just perfect one you have it where you want with an open hand pat all the way around the window where the urethane bead is to get a good solid hold. Using Window securing tape , tape the window in place. You will be able to drive your Van after 3 hrs and remove you tape after 24hrs, best to wait 72hrs before washing vehicle. 

 Lead Time:
 Windows will generally ship in 1-3 Days , shipping time is 1-5 days. Windows will ship via UPS,Fedex , or Freight Truck. 

Standard Shipping times 1-2 Week Lead Time , with a 1-5 Day Travel Time. (Subject to change due to supply chain issues)

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