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VWD Van Bunk Half-Slider Window Passenger Side 39" x 15"

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VWD Universal Screened Van Bunk Half-Slider Window Passenger Side 39" x 15"

Part # DTBUNK002R


Mfg Country: Turkey (Europe)

Mfg Warranty:  90 Days

Glass Color = Solar Privacy Glass  (Pure Grey Premium Glass)

Glass UV Rating = 15% ( Lower the percentage the better)

  • Bunk Window Outer Frame Dimensions: 39-1/2" x 15-7/8"
  • Bunk Window Cut-Out Dimensions: 34-3/4" x 11-1/4"
  • Vent Opening Size 13-1/8"W x 7-1/4"H


The VWD Van Bunk Half-Slider Window gives a slightly larger option to the Van Bunk Window genre. The modern design has a frame-less exterior to match with OEM Glass of todays modern all glass style windows.  

Push button latch secures window in the closed position for security and the option exterior all-metal screen will keep bugs or small debris out. 

The glass is a 15% solar privacy tint safety glass for added privacy and UV protection. 

To match with the rest of the VWD line of windows the bunk windows are designed as a front side opening. If your build works out better for a rear side opening simply order an opposite side. ( Example you want a driver side bunk window with the opening on the back side. Order a Passenger Side bunk window and simply install on the driver side of your van.)

Whats needed to Install?

 This window is installed with Urethane Adhesive, you will need a primer base. Both items come together in a convenient kit. . 

VWD Urethane Installation Kit 

Trim Lock Edge Molding (Approx 8 ft)

Window Securing Tape


How will I install this window?

You will need to create a template to cut your window hole. Easiest way is to use the cardboard box the window came in. Quick way is to make a rectangle pattern first about the cut hole measurement.  Approx.: 34-3/4" x 11-1/4”. Once you have your rectangle cut out. Lay on the inside of the bunk window making sure the frame and Triangular drainages on bottom are within the template as that will need to go through the hole of the wall.  


If you are comfortable with the size of template, you can hand draw or use protractor for rounded corners.


Always double check to insure you have everything correct.


When drawing template to the van, if there are two people great. One can hold while the other draws it out. If your installing solo, once you know the spot you will be placing the window you can screw the cardboard into the side wall to hold in place, then draw your pattern.


Use a black marker for most vans. White-Out or White marker on Black vans.


Once your template is drawn onto the van, dry fit your window in place before cutting anything just to double check that you are happy with the placement. Once confirmed, time to cut.

Cut out your hole with your choice of tool reciprocating saw, sheers, disc, etc...

Once the hole has been cut out, its time to install the bunk window. Clean the outside metal of the van with rubbing alcohol or PWR22 Cleaner, this will ensure no contamination and proper hold of primer and urethane.

Since the VWD Bunk is designed with an over sized frit, you can apply trim edge molding to the cut hole. This is simply an aesthetic piece and is not a necessary component to the install. If walls will be covering the cut edge, there is no need for the trim as the edge will be hidden behind the wall.

Using a urethane primer, apply to the outside of the van body. You want to be close to the opening but allow a 1/2" of gap from cut hole or trim when possible. This is due to the fact that when the urethane is applied, it will spread and you do not want the urethane seeping out on either end as its very tedious to clean. Allow primer to dry for about 10-20 mins.

While the primer is drying, clean the back side of the bunk window in preparation for urethane bonding. A simple quick clean up with glass cleaner is fine.

Next, you can apply your urethane which will be placed right on top of the primer line. The urethane will come with a v-notch or an etch for a v-notch in the tip. This allows for a nice large bead of urethane. Make sure you evenly distribute the urethane to not have high or low points, as this may lead to leakage issues. When changing urethane tube, overlap the existing bead slightly to insure there will be no gaps.

A plastic putty knife with glass cleaner sprayed on is a great way to smooth urethane at any breaks. The glass cleaner will help not allow the urethane to stick onto the knife.

Now your ready to place your window.

When placing the Half-Slider Window, you want to get it as close to desired location as possible. Once in place, you will have some wiggle room to get it lined up just perfect. You will notice once you start pushing the bunk window in place, the urethane will grab immediately. Make any slight adjustments at this point to insure it is straight and good to go.  Using an open hand, smack all the way around the window where the urethane bead is to get a good, solid hold. On vans like Sprinter, Transit, ProMaster and NV Full Size, you will want to smack glass to be even with the body of van above and below the inset window section. This will leave about a ¼” gap between sheet metal wall and bunk window. You want to have this gap. Do not get caught up in being flush with wall. The floating off the wall appearance is how this should be done. This allows for expansion and contraction of the sheet metal to prevent damage to window.

With the window in place, use securing tape (Masking Tape or Painters Tape), to secure and hold the window. You will be able to remove the tape after 24hrs and drive the van after 3 hrs.  It is best to wait at least 72hrs before washing vehicle.

Applying Screen: 

Once you are ready to install the screen you will want to clean the aluminum frame within the opening of the window well with the provided alcohol pads. Once the surface is clean apply the 3M adhesive promoter to the surface wait 1-2 minutes for the promoter to dry before applying Velcro. The Velcro will be conveniently pre-applied to the backside of the screen. Before removing the Velcro ensure that it is completely flat and attached if the Velcro is wavy, it will not secure properly. With the surface ready and your Velcro flat remove the backing (peel off) from the Velcro to expose the sticky surface.  Set your screen into the window cavity and apply pressure to the 3 sides that the screen adheres to. We recommend leaving the screen in place for 72hrs prior to removing it. **For extreme use of off-roading or van life you may want to apply a brushed on super glue to the aluminum surface prior to attaching to Velcro. 


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