Want to build a Camper Van, Windows for a Camping Van?

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Want to build a Camper Van, Windows for a Camping Van?

With the New era of Vans like the Ford Transit , Mercedes Sprinter, Nissan NV and RAM ProMaster offering monstrous cargo space compared to to early model Vans possibilities are endless. Many of these Vans are now being converted into Motorhomes, Limos, and Camper Vans. We are going to look into a couple of popular window choices for the Camper Van.


The most common window configuration for the Camper Van has been standard size windows for the Front Sliding Door and Driver Forward positions while the rear quarter panels get Half Sliding Bunk Windows. The Half Slider Bunk Windows provide excellent ventilation to the rear area of the van while providing much improved privacy over the larger windows since they generally measure in at about 33" long and 10" Tall. 


We carry tow great options for the Camper Van Bunk Window 


CRL Half-Slider Bunk Window VW1033R and VW1033L this window measures in at an outer frame of 33" x 10". This half slider installs with a screwed on clamp ring and you will use a tape foam seal as a sealant between the body of the van and your window. 


CRL Van Bunk Window , VW1033R, VW1033L Camper Van Window

The Classic design sports a black powder-coated aluminum frame surrounding the window. Solar Privacy tint glass a quick latch handle and removable screen.

You will need to make your own template which isnt to difficult generally draw a template out on the cardboard box the window came in using the trim ring to draw it out. Once you have it made you can place your template on to the wall of van where you want you window to be. Somethings to keep in mind with windows that use trim ring for installation. The ring mounts to a single layer of metal (the outer skin if the van) in some areas on the interior of your van where you may want to install the window you will notice there is two layers the inner layer will have to be trimmed back to accommodate the trim ring for proper installation. The seal the window you can use a Van Window Seal Kit  this simple foam will tape the the frame of your window and when installed will smash down making a tight seal. Always start at the bottom so the split of foam is a the bottom. 

When you screw the clamp ring on you may want to go around window and make small pilot holes in the frame of you bunk window first. these makes for less torque on the small screws which heads are prone to stripping. Youll just get all the screws started then go back around and tighten kind of like a tire so your evenly tightening around window for an even seal. 


Or other Bunk Window option is from AMA ( AM Auto ) measuring in at 30-1/2" x 9-5/12" it is slightly smaller then the CRL Bunk Window however with its frame-less all glass appearance you wouldn't guess it. Like we just mention the AMA Bunk Window is a frame less window so no outer aluminum frame is exposed. This is nice on the newer vans that have front windows as the Front Windows on Transit, Sprinter, NV and ProMaster Vans are all glass look so these bunk windows match the aesthetic of newer vans much better.  

Van Bunk Window, Camper Van Bunk Windows, Camping Van Windows

The AMA Bunk Window will be available in both a non-screen and screened option, has a quick latch for easy open and secure closing. 

Installation of the AMA Bunk Windows is via Urethane adhesive while this may sound like a daunting task its not to bad and of the area of the Van has to layers of metal on the interior it saves tons of time. 

You will draw out a template on your card board box as with a CRL Window. (Templates will be coming with these windows starting late 2018). Draw your window out on the Van and cut your hole you can use reciprocating saw, sheers, disk , etc..  Once your hole is cut use Trim Lock Edge molding  to cover your cut edge. Clean the outside metal with rubbing alcohol so the surface is free of contaminants, dry fit your window you will want to center your urethane path so it doesn't ooze out as it is a pain to clean. Use a urethane primer on the wall of the van to set where your bead of urethane will go. Wait 10-15 mins then apply your urethane on top of the primer nice even bead.( Urethane Van Window Installation Kit)  Place your window in place pat the window down with an open hand all the way around , place some masking tape of Window Securing tape to insure the window stays in place and your done.



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