Sprinter Van Rear Door Windows

Sprinter Van Rear Door Windows

Sprinter Van Rear Door Windows

Here are some great Window Options for the Rear Cargo Doors of the Sprinter Van from 2007-2018....


Sprinter Van Rear Door Window

AMA Rear Solid Glass Windows these windows are manufactured to OEM specs fitting the OEM body lines and using the factory stamping for your cut line. The Solar privacy tint is the darkest standard glass tint available at 17%. AM Auto has been a leading manufacture of Van Windows in the UK for decades and we can now enjoy there quality and low prices in the USA!

The installation is done with Urethane adhesive, and edge molding to cover up the unsightly cut edge. 


CRL Rear Cargo Door Windows Sprinter Van 2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018


CRL Solid Glass Rear Windows the CR Laurence name is synonymous with quality Van windows and has been since the 1980's the window is manufactured to OE specification and uses body and cut line as the factory does. The installation is done using Urethane adhesive, and trim edge molding to cover up the unsightly cut edge.


We often get asked which is better AMA or CRL?  Both are great manufactures of windows and both have there Pros and Cons and different positions and head to heads may go back and forth. For the Rear Cargo Door Windows for the Sprinter Van from 2007-2018 we would give the edge to AMA reason is we like the slightly darker tint all though minimal and the curvature of the glass contours closer to the body with the AMA then the CRL these are very minimal difference but the AMA is the better option. 

Vertrical Lift Window Opening window for rear cargo doors of Sprinter Van

Another popular option for the Rear Cargo Doors is the CRL VW31031 Universal Vertical Lift Van Window measuring in at 17-15/16" (455 mm) x 21-9/16" (548 mm) it fits into the single sheet metal a rear of the OE Window stamping so no inner structure trimming is required and give the ability for ventilation through the rear doors which is a nice option for any style van be it cargo , conversion or camper. 


Installation on this will be a little more difficult since its not manufactured specifically for any one Van. You will trace your self a template generally on the cardboard box it can in using either the aluminum frame of the window or the trim ring used to mount on the inside with the inner edge that mates to the aluminum frame of the window. You will measure out line up your template and draw out your windows on the rear doors cut your holes and screw your trim ring (clamp ring) to the alumium frame of the window. You can use the Van Window Installation seal

Here are 3 great options for the rear cargo doors of the Sprinter Van.



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