CR Laurence Van Windows vs AM Auto Van Windows

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CR Laurence Van Windows vs AM Auto Van Windows


CRL Windows vs AM Auto ( AMA ) Windows

We are often asked which window company is better CR Laurence ( CRL ) or AM Auto ( AMA ) ?  While both companies are good there are some differences and some people may prefer one over the other or a mix and match of both is sometimes the best way to go. We will go over some difference give our take and you can have some more information to make your own decisions.

Retail Network: Winner = CRL Van Windows   Not necessarily a good thing.
Retail Network availability the winner is clearly CR Laurence. While having a huge network of retailers may sound like a good thing not necessarily a good win here. Reason is you will find Shower Door , Construction , and Hardware companies selling Van Windows so you will find a ton of companies with little to no knowledge of the windows there installation or fitment leading to incorrect products being received. Costing the consumer in returns and exchanges. While we would love for all Van Window purchase to be through VanWindowsDirect be sure to purchase from an Automotive related business steer clear of Shower, Construction and Hardware sites.
Product Availability:

Winner= AM Auto AMA Van Windows97% Fill Rate compared to 78%

As of June of 2019 CRL fill rate has dropped to 65%




Both Companies have windows available more often then not. AMA does have a larger fill rate so you will receive your windows quicker and generally orders will be complete. This is a major plus for time sensitive conversions , camper van builds and for us excitable types like myself that do not want to wait 4-6 weeks for there windows.

** CRL is appearing to shift to a make to order company that makes only what is on order and have very limited stock. We do our best to keep windows on hand although they are making it increasingly difficult as they can not keep up with our demand. Hoping things turn around soon. 


Manufacturing Quality: Winner=CRL Van Windows/AM Auto AMA Van Windows Tie
How can manufacturing quality be a tie? Here is our logic while there are less fitment issues and less quality issues with the AM Auto windows they are imported from the UK or Asia while CRL for now are manufactured in the USA. So since we are kind of homers and always give kudos to manufactures here in the states overall quality though is the importer AMA Windows.
Window Installation: Winner=AM Auto AMA Van Windows
While on paper CRL sounds far easier with there clamp ring installation not always the case. When cutting the OEM stamping on newer Vans. Sprinter , Transit, ProMaster the aluminum framing can get caught on a high point in the cutting or you may need to trim the hole slightly larger then the stamping other wise the window may appear crooked on the outside or not snug up well enough and leakage can occur. With the AMA Auto windows all are glue-in which sounds scary however it actually is pretty easy and quicker. After the whole is cut you can cap off the cut hole with a edge trim then all the rest of the installation is on the outside placing your urethane line your window up set it and your done. The difference in time comes even more apparent when installing bunk windows after you cut you window hole on many vans where there is an inner structure beam that beam has to be trimmed further separately to accommodate the trim ring taking more time and being more work.
Warranty: Winner= AM Auto AMA Van Windows AMA
CRL = 30 Days , AMA = 6 Months  manufacture defect. Photo verification is required by both companies , replacement parts will be sent at no charge by either company latches,screens, screws. Full window replacements will require return of original and shipping is non-refundable this is an extremely rare occurrence.
Customer Service: Winner= AM Auto AMA Van WindowsOnline Reviews Score 4.9 out of 5 , CRL 3.3 out of 5
While CRL may not be as bad as there online reviews score may be showing the clear winner here is AM Auto. Alot of the issues with CRL's customer service has to do with our first comparison which CRL won which is the Retail Network since CRL does not have any vetting process for there retailers many people will contact CRL to take care of a problem that the Shower Door , Construction or Hardware website they purchased from caused and CRL's answer is to go back to where you purchased it. So if the consumer was to purchase from a reputable automotive based business they would probably have a far better score but at the end of the day it is CRL's responsibility to maintain some form of standard for there dealers which at this time they do not. AM Auto will only sell to automotive based companies so eliminates some of the issues. AM Auto is also a company that just manufactures Van Windows so there focus is more narrowed down where CRL suffers from being a huge company and the automotive is a smaller division of there overall business. /td>

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    Hi It says on your site that your Uk window company, but I can not find a contact number for you, Id like a quote? Thank you

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